Sagrantino DOCG of Montefalco

Sagrantino of Montefalco

History of Sagrantino Secco

Sagrantino Secco is a relatively new variety for the production of wine in the area of Montefalco. Indeed Sagrantino until the seventies was produced only in the type simultaneously, making dry the grapes to produce a sweet wine, not grape Sagrantino past was used to produce the Montefalco Rosso DOC. For the history of Sagrantino step, see Passito Sagrantino DOCG.

The product specification of Sagrantino Secco

Sagrantino di Montefalco has been certified DOCG (Denomination of Origin Certified and Guaranteed) in 1992. These wines should respect inter alia, regulate its own production. In the event of Sagrantino that specification specifies that the production area consists of the town of Montefalco and from regions near Bevagna, Giano dell 'Umbria, Castel Ritaldi and Gualdo Cattaneo. The yield of grapes per hectare, the quantity of grapes produced in one hectare of land can not exceed 80 pounds. The title in the event of Sagrantino Secco volume must be at least 12%. Vinificatura zones are given by the municipalities in the area of production, together with the normal of Foligno, Spoleto and Marcsi, in the case of already existing companies already producing Sagrantino before the entry into force of the specification. Yields are also given for wine making, which in the event of Sagrantino Secco not exceed 65% by weight ripestto fresh grapes. Any surplus will not get the designation of origin and guaranteed. Moreover, the wines produced are facing aging of at least thirty months from the first December of the grape harvest. Finally in the specification are given the characteristics of wine Montefalco Sagrantino Passito when placed on the market.

* Color: ruby red with violet and sometimes tending to garnet with aging;
* Aroma: delicate characteristic reminiscent of blackberries;
* Taste: dry, harmonious;
* Minimum total alcoholic strength by volume: 13%;
* Minimum Residual sugar: 30 gr.;
* Minimum total acidity: 5 per thousand;
* Minimum net dry extract: 26 per thousand.

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